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Heart of the Hairstyling Community

We’re on a mission to build the best Toronto community for hairystylies to share, grow, and connect


Who is EVERU for?

Hairystylies who love and care about great hair

Hairstylist looking to share,
connect and grow with
others within the industry

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Anyone who is looking to
connect with the stylist that
best fit for them

Have someone who made
your hair day? Share with
everyone so they know who
is the best

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Tell us your hair story

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Had a hair encounter that LITERALLY changed your life?

Whether it was an amazing haircut, or an emotional journey, we would love to heart it!

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Johnny Lee

Hair Stylist | Colourist

“If I can make people feel beautiful, feel their best, then
I can still make them happy and help them feel like their best versions of themselves”

Johnny Lee
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Become one of our early Testers

The hairstylist search assistant is built for this community, so who better to give us feedback than you? 
By becoming an early tester you get to try out the newest feature, give your opinion, 
and help shape how we build out this app!

Grow with us

We’re building a hairstylist search assistant, where you can connect 
with the right hairstylists within the GTA!
 It’s going to be available on Android & iOS!

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