Who We Are

We’re four friends who founded EVERU with the mission to connect hair lovers with the right hairstylist. Here’s our stories on “why” we started on this journey:


It started with the worst haircut of my life. I was 27 and hadn’t had a haircut in 8 months because I was growing out an undercut. I searched for hours on yelp, instagram, and google and went to the highest rated salon. My stylist was nice but he completely didn’t understand what I asked for. I walked out with ugly bangs and two different lengths of hair. Turns out he didn’t have much experience and was nervous about asking questions. I wish I knew so that we could have a better conversation!

Willison "Wiki"

Referred to as a wikipedia for all things tech, Willison is a mobile developer with a passion to create secure and reliable apps. While his background is in FinTech, he definitely knows what it’s like to get a haircut; he and his brothers have been going to the same guy every 2 months, for the last 3 years. Talk about finding the right one and sticking with them!


Ever since I was a child I have been afraid of getting a haircut from someone I don’t know. Trying to get someone to understand what I want is already challenging. It's even harder when you meet someone for the first time. I’ve always wished there was a way for me to have a better conversation with the stylist before sitting down on that chair because receiving a bad haircut can last for weeks or worse months. Finding someone who understands me shouldn’t be experimental.

Gavasgar "G"

Gavasgar is guided by a strong belief in design as a problem-solving tool, as a way of recognizing and forming relationships between ideas and reality, and as a method for improving the connections between people and the products they use.