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Finding a Stylist: 6 Tips From a Wedding Planner

Sherene Skyvington has been a bridesmaid since she first attended her cousins wedding at 16 years old, and is no stranger to the joys & pains of wedding planning. This Markham based Wedding Planner literally lives the life of the 2008 Film “27 Dresses”, attending at least 10 weddings a year as a friend! With her experience as a confidante to Bride’s - mixed with her background in customer service, operations, and event planning - Sherene has many tips on how to help keep that special day going smoothly.

Of course, one of the biggest things we wanted to find out was how to find the right hairstylists. Sherene was amazing enough to share some tips on how she helps her Brides navigate your process and they’re all below!

1. Know Your Style

It’s really easy to get caught up in the price of services, especially when you are working on a budget. What is important is how you feel about your look, and what style you really want. Having a clear vision will help you communicate with your stylist and decide what would make you the happiest, which leads to our next point!

2. Do Research & Trial : Every Stylist Has A Different Style

The fact is, Hairstyling is an art and every Hairstylist has a unique style. Some stylists might have a different preference from you and suggest a look you may not be interested in. It doesn’t hurt to take some time to do some research until you find the hairstylists that matches your taste and style! Look on Instagram, ask your Bride friends, consult FaceBook groups…. they’ll all be useful in finding the right one!

Trialing is also important, it allows you to see the Hairstylist’s work before committing, and really let’s you have a feel of their style as well. If your hair is top priority for your wedding day, then it doesn’t hurt to do multiple trials with different stylists before choosing.

3. Choosing to DIY or Hiring A Stylist

It doesn’t hurt to style your own hair, but Sherene does encourage Bride’s to enjoy their day without getting caught up in the task. It’s easy for the process to get complicated and a stressed bride can cause a divide among the bridal party. Before you decide to DIY, you should seriously consider whether you will be able to handle the effort.

4. Price

The fact is, you pay for the service that you get. Many brides tend to pay more for their own hair service and slightly less for the bridal party, and the difference in quality shows each time.


5. Don’t Be Afraid To Try “New Blood”

On the subject of price, it’s really easy for popular Hairstylists to charge a high amount. If you are truly budget conscious, it doesn’t hurt to take a chance on a new hairstylists. People who are starting out have lower prices and are willing to put in a lot of effort so that they can get referrals. You might finding some wonderful hidden talent, for a budget price!

6. Book Ahead & Be Clear On Details

After deciding on the venue and date, a photographer and hairstylists are the next big items that need to be booked. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time, some hairstylists that are extremely popular have a 1 year waiting list! When booking, make sure you are clear on your expectations on what service you are looking to receive. For example, do you want them to follow you all day, or just want them to do one touch up? Making sure you both match up on these little details are really crucial for avoiding headaches on the big day!

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