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How To Get Back Your Rose Gold Hair Using Ion Color Brilliance Semi Permanent Dye

As a low maintenance girl I've always wanted to try out a "fashion" hair colour, but didn't want to deal with the upkeep. I decided it was time to take a chance and volunteered to be a hair model for @kimy.tang . The result was an amazing rose gold colour and fun pictures to post on Instagram.

This colour definitely fit my personality more, and the maintenance is nothing compared to how happy I feel about my hair! However, all good things have to come to an end: 5 washes later, the colour faded and the yellow was coming out.

I asked friends, consulted google, and watched endless YouTube videos on the best way to recolour my hair without breaking the bank (AND without damaging it). I ended up deciding on a softer pink colour, making a fun concoction of semi-permanent hair dye and conditioner... and the result was this!

Instructions below!


1 Mixing Bowl [Sally Beauty Store]

1 Dye Brush [Sally Beauty Store]

1 Ion Color Brights- Semi Permanent in Flamingo [Sally Beauty Store]

1 Bottle of Any Hair Conditioner [Shoppers Drugmart]

Saran Wrap

1 Shower Cap

Make sure you get the Semi-Permanent Creme Hair Color! The packaging for the permanent and the semi-permanent look I.D.E.N.T.I.C.A.L.

1. Mix The Ingredients:

I basically used 1/2 a bottle of conditioner and about 1/3 of the tube. This was enough for my shoulder length, thick hair. The idea of the conditioner is to make sure you hair doesn't dry out and that there is enough product to spread out on all the hair! It also dilutes the colour so that you can get a softer/pastel colour.

If you take a closer look you can see how metallic the dye is, the end result is a nice shine in your hair colour!

Look at that little, shiny, pink turd! Isn't it adorable?

Once you mix the colour, feel free to add more colour if it's not the colour you want. For me, it wasn't dark enough so I added just a tad more:

2. Apply The Mixture

All the tutorials come with different methods on how to apply the dye, and they all end up looking the same to me. I did a mix of parting my hair and applying the dye with a dye brush, then twisting the sections to keep them out of the way:

Tip: Colouring works best on DRY, DIRTY hair. If your hair is wet and clean, it'll be too slippery for the dye to cling on and your scalp won't have any oil to protect itself from the dye!

Once I coated all the section, I unwrapped all the section and used the left over mixture to rub it all over. Make sure you really get into all the hair!

3. Let It Set: 1 Hour

I twisted all my hair into a bun, wrapped a saran wrap around the head and placed a shower cap over everything....we don't want pink hair dye all over the place! The benefit of the wrap and shower cap is that it helps trap the heat which will give more colour! They sell special hair dye caps that's really good for trapping heat, but I decided to go with what I had.

Since the review for this semi-permanent dye is that a lot of colour falls out (the instructions tell you to leave the dye in for only 20-40minutes), I decided to leave it for an hour.

Ready to run around and get things done!

4. Wash, Condition, and Dry

After 1 hour this is what the colour of the dye looks a little like a bright magenta on my hair. I washed it out with colour safe shampoo and conditioner.

The camera couldn't capture it, but it looked slightly more purple than this.

After washing, the colour is a lot more muted and there's less yellow. After I dry my hair it'll be a lot brighter!

I'm really happy with the results because I still wanted to retain some of the "gold" in my undertone colour.


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