• Megan Young

Introducing everu!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Why, hello there.

Who We Are

The 6ix overflows with creative energy and new opportunity. It's the perfect birthplace for Entrepreneurial Hairstylists.

We believe in empowering these Creative Professionals to control their business, their reputation, and their time.

The Problem

Clientele follow salons, not the Creatives behind the chair.

Instagram gives likes, but not a real portfolio to showcase talent.

Services are being given, but stories aren't being told.

People are following the business, not the talent.

The Vision

everu.ca is a platform to let clients get to know your story, from all the angles. To let them understand what values you hold as a Beauty Professional and your talents as a Creative.

Where We Are Today

The site you see today is a placeholder as we test our BETA version. Just as NASA didn't launch their rockets without testing them first, we're making sure the website is perfect. We're excited to be interviewing and testing with real local hairstylists.

This is a new journey we are starting and we can't do it without your feedback. Join us today, and become one of the key influencers of everu!

Create your portfolio today!

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